Arduino Yun to LabView

Hi . I bought 2 Arduino Yuns and I would like to connect them with LabView(One to control labview and one is to control my circuit). But I downloaded LINX and found out that LINX does not support the Yun yet. Are there other ways to have my Arduino Yuns connected to labView?

Does anyone knows how? Please help me out.

Can you use the Yuns' WiFi abilities?

Why not ask your question in the Yun section where the Yun experts live ? Ask the moderator to move it.


HI . I am very new to Arduino and labView. I would like to know how to be able to use Labview GUI to control the Arduino. I tried LINX but it does not support Yun .Does anyone knows how?

Did you try using serial port by usb?


I have an additional question about the Arduino Yun and LabView communication. I would like to connect to Arduino Yun from Labview to just plot the output of an Arduino Yun script. My idea is to connect to the Yun Server IP address with LabView by TCP/IP and plot the YUN output. So the Arduino IDE plots the Data with WIFI communication via a telnet port. I would like to just take that and pipe it into Labview. I really need to just process my sensor data and Labview can not only give you a nice visual representation, but can save to file nicely. I have tried RealTerm to capture data feed but can only connect ssh to the yun. I cant issue the telnet command and get output. I can get Putty to work with the ssh connection and the telnet command to see the output but cant capture the data feed. I like Labview for this, so any advice would be helpful.

sm09la: I like Labview for this, so any advice would be helpful.

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