arduino yun web interface knob help!!!

ciao ho più problemi con arduino Yun,o meglio questioni non comprese.
ho creato una pagina html da far leggere ad arduino un,ho provato vari slider e devo dire che knob ui ha fatto al mio caso,con altri slider testati nessun problema,riesco a leggere il valore in uscita dello slider, ma con questo non ci riesco.....qualcuno può aiutarmi a risolvere o comprendere meglio i passaggi che devo fare?


hello I have more problems with arduino Yun, or rather issues not included. I created an html page to be read to an Arduino, I tried various sliders and I must say that knob ui did in my case, with other sliders tested no problem, I can read the output value of the slider, but with this there I can ..... can anyone help me solve or better understand the steps I need to do?


I'm a bit confused, can you explain your problem clearer?
And please share also the sketch you uploaded and not only the webpage code.

your updateval function is never called

all you have in the "release" function (that is called when you relsease the mouse after you changed the dial) is a console.log.

you probably want something like this

release : function (value) {

and the updateVal function

function updateVal(value)
    $.get('/arduino/knob/' + value, function(data)
        console.log(data); // the response from arduino


Maybe now, can you help me to understand the stepper motor.
I want to drive the motor as a rc car.
I have a motor shield adafruit, i was able to move the motor by a point "A" to a "B", with a slider.
Now, i would like to drive the slider "-255, 0, 255".
Where "-255" is the maximum speed to the left, "0" stop, "255", the maximum speed to the right.
I hope you understand !?
I use the "Accelstepper" library

knob_stepper_yun .zip (17.6 KB)