Arduino Yun Wifi and problem

hello. i've purchased an arduino yun and test it and i checked my laptop wifi for yun's network. but i cant find it even in my android phone. as i read the getting started of arduino yun, that when you plug in yun in a source (power bank) the yun will serve as wifi hotspot. and configure it and connect to the home router. but it didn't happen. and my second plan is connect my yun to a desktop computer and setting up using arduino yun browser settings ( i've tried it and it fails again.. the browser says that
it cant connect to the i've read a lot of forums and follow it instruction like wlan, 32u4 reset but its not working. can you help me what can i do. thanks

Hi - I have recently tried to bring a Yun through the startup procedure and have had some of the same problems that you are writing about. I was expecting the steps to happen rapidly but there are several steps that take some time to complete. After the Yun is powered up it takes time before the Yun announces its WiFi presence for connection.

Also the wlan reset to factory settings occurs if the blue led (wlan) is flashing while you hold down the reset button for 30 seconds. The blue led continues flashing for a brief period after you release the reset button requiring more time. Sometimes I felt that getting a cup of coffee or tea between steps helped ensured enough time was allowed.

I founded that if I short cut the instructions I had to repeat everything over again.

ran -
Were you getting a Login error: AJAX/XHR Error:0?
If so, you are not alone...