Arduino Yun Wifi Password Problem

Hello! Me and a colleague are trying to setup an Arduino Yun for WiFi access, other than it's Ethernet access. From the general documentation on the Arduino Yun page here, I saw that the default password for the WiFi configuration page is "arduino" (spelled exactly like that- no capital letters). We tried that- but it didn't work, and neither of us had changed the password in the past. Are we doing something wrong, or is our Yun just not functioning properly? Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated, thank you.

To reset the OpenWrt-Yun distribution to its default state, press the WiFi reset button for at least 30 seconds. The board reverts to the original settings as if it had been reflashed or taken out of the box. Among other things, this removes all installed files and network settings. Then Power(USB) Off, ~10s, Power On