Arduino Yun Wifi Problems

Hello Arduino Forum,

Sorry about that previous post. I did not mean to post it.
I am having a problem with my Yún. I am trying to upload a sketch but in the ports menu the only ports that show up are
The wifi connection for the Yún, however is not showing up. I am also not able to acess my Yun’s control panel. My Yun’s name is ma7730 so I went to ma7730.local/ but only saw this:
bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)
stack traceback:

: in function 'pairs'
	?: in function 'createtree'
	?: in function 'dispatch'
	?: in function <?:194>
Are these two things related? How can I fix it.
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Hi forum,
I was able to correct my problem. I don't know exactly what was happening but I fixed it by reseting the Yun.
I have another question:
I was trying out the temperature web panel. I saw in the void loop function there was an
if(command == temperature)
if statement. Literally, what is this doing. What is command? Where does it come from? More importantly how do you change the command to theoretically add more sensor to the webpage?

Command variable is created at the line 84 of the example

String command = client.readString();

Its value depend on what the client (your computer connected to the Yun via browser) sends to the Yun ( the server ), then the string is compared to a default value "temperature". If you want to add more option you have to send a different value to the Yun. Then the board has to compare your data with different option string like

if (command == "temperature") {


} else if (command == "pressure") {


Thanks for your answer, your really cleared it up. :slight_smile: