Arduino Yún with an sqlite database ?


I'm considering Arduino Yún for my personal project ( details in ) and I want to replace the datalogger with a unit capable of running sqlite in order to store sensor data in the SD card and send it via the provided wifi connection. I just want to remove a dedicated computer holding the database and sharing data across internet.

The actual datalogger is an Arduino UNO + XBee shield, connected via USB/serial to a Mac mini where the sqlite db is installed.It works fine, continous run since February 2013 (few power outages).

So I would know if it's possible to use shields compatible with Arduino UNO and Mega in Arduino Yún and finally if it's possible to install sqlite in the Linino side of Yún.


Yes to both
To install sqlite type

opkg update
opkg install sqlite3-cli

You may also need to install bindings for your language of choice (python-sqlite3 for example)
To have a list of possible bindings, type opkg list