Arduino Yun


I have a problem with my Yun, when i try to connect it on the WiFi router at my work office everything looks good, but when I'm watching in Tools of Arduino IDE at Selected Port doesn't appear IP only COM3 is available. I have to mention that is a WiFi-guest not a WiFi-data, i have permission only to the WiFi-guest and does not have a password and i think is only for access the Internet. Some opinions please!

Guest wireless network (WiFi-guest) :

A wireless router feature that is designed to allow users to easily grant "visitor" access to your wireless Internet connection. Your visitors will get their own SSID to connect to, and you can isolate it from your main network to make sure that outsiders don’t have access to your local network resources, such as PCs and printers. (Same time is true from internal to external) SSID settings and policies for guest access can assign users to a guest VLAN

Setup computer at Guest wireless network as well, make both are in same VLAN?