Arduino Z3X Box, NsPro Box?


So when it comes to unlocking phones (for USA people) it gets real annoying.
Your options are limited, especially if you aren’t in good standing with the mobile carrier:

  • pay $30 for an unlock code from a sketchy website
  • pay your mobile carrier to unlock it for you

There’s another option which involves using external hardware to flash your phone. The only ones I’ve heard of are Z3X box and NsPro Box.

I’ve noticed that its basically a box connected to the computer that acts a s a serial port. USB cables are then connected from the box to the target phone to be unlocked.

Does anyone know how this works? It would be great if we could figure out how to build one, and not pay $200 to unlock a single phone.


Not an arduino question imho

Bus Pirate maybe?

Do you have a single idea about the way these boxes work?

I don't have any idea how these work.... I do know they act as a serial port when connected to the computer, and do some magical manipulation inside that box. The driver it uses isn't ftdi or prolific however.

I'm asking this in the arduino forum because I believe its possible to build this with an arduino. If that would be possible a lot of people could benefit from it.


I believe the first step would be to ask the question on an unlocking forum to understand how these boxes work before trying to replicate them with an Arduino.

Good advice.

Sorry for coming to the wrong place, thanks!

Comme back when you have more information on the protocol etc.

Hey guys,

I contacted NsPro and Z3X about how their box works....

and still no response.

Sorry to keep you waiting.