Arduino ZERO as development board

Dear all,
I'm quite new here. Nice to meet you.

I'm a very passionated user of Arduino UNO board and now I'm very interested to the ZERO...

The reason because I love Arduino is that it is the platform that allowed me to program a microprocessor without all the stuff I needed some times ago.

Now with the ZERO board, I think we have a regression in this sense.

Let me explain: I'm used to develop my project including SW, mechanical installation and HW (including pcb). With an Arduino ZERO is it still possible or I'll be forced to embed all the Arduino board in my project? I think it is a nonsense...
How can I develop the SW using Arduino board and program a separate microprocessor to be installed separately in another pcb?

Thank you

It will be a lot more difficult to make your own PCB for the MCU in a Zero compared to the much simpler Atmega 328 in an Uno. That is hardly a fault of the Arduino people.

I have no idea what you mean by " I think it is a nonsense..."


Could always look at breakout boards for the 32 bit processor from and
put the part on a dip adapter, then do the rest of your project around it.
Companies like will buy the part from www.digikey,com and install it on one of their adapters, for a smaller DIP adapter.

Or do your own board and send it out to a place like for assembly.