Arduino Zero DAC limitations?


I just recently purchased an Arduino Zero and will be using it in a school project. I've been playing with the DAC output and noticed that I was able to output more than 3V. I thought that the maximum output voltage was 2.75V. Is there any risk of damaging my arduino if I exceed 2.75V.


You may be thinking of the Due? The Zero has rail to rail output, so it can go from 0..3.3V.

And in any case those voltage specs are there to tell you what the output voltage will be, not warn you about some limit that will damage the chip if exceeded. You can't output more voltage than you're supposed to from a pin unless you're putting more voltage into the chip than you're supposed to, and then you have bigger problems.

Input voltage ratings on the other hand are something to be concerned about, but you're not inputting anything into the pin, so that's not a concern here.

One thing you do need to be concerned about is how much current you're pulling from the pin. I believe the DAC has a much lower limit than the other pins, and the other pins are only rated for 7mA to begin with. As long as you're sending the output to an amplifier or checking it on a scope though, and not feeding it directly into a speaker or piezo, you should be okay. Those inputs will be high impedance (resistance) and so won't draw much current.