Arduino Zero + Dragino Yun Shield (or --> where to get an Arduino Yun Shield?)

So, I’ll admit to being an Arduino noob, so forgive the confused questions.

However, I’m hoping to use an Arduino Zero + Yun shield, since I want to use the arduino USB host to control a USB-serial device and want to control the controller over Ethernet.

According to the Arduino/Genuino Yun shield documentation, the combination of Zero and Yun shield should work. However, it appears that the only Yun Shield that I can purchase at this time is a clone such as the Dragino shield. I naively expected this to be the same as the official Yun shield.

However, I cannot seem to get the Dragino Yun shield to recognize and/or talk to the Arduino Zero. (In particular, uploading sketches via Ethernet doesn’t work). After the fact, I noticed that the Zero is not listed on the Dragino Wiki and the Zero is not selectable from the Web console as a possible “AVR”.

This leads me to think that perhaps that either (1) the Arduino Yun Shield page on is incorrect, (2) the Dragino shield is fundamentally different from the official Arduino Yun Shield, or (3) I have faulty parts.

Note that I did update everything (I think) including the IDE core, bootloader, and Dragino firmware.

Should my combination work, or is this a fools errand? Is there anywhere to get an official Yun shield? Neither Amazon, Ebay, nor the Arduino store seems to have this part.

Yes I am with you. I have 2 Dragino shields. And 2 Zeros on order. I also have a NUY shield on order as it seams to be a Arduino YUN shield. The NUY shield is sold by 8devices. If anybody could help with using the Dragino shield with the Zero, that would be great. Luc

Hello. Just so you know, I interacted with the Dragino folks, and they admit that the Arduino Zero is not officially compatible with the Dragino Yun Shield. They claim that it is only "Software issue". Also, they claim that you should be able to use the Bridge, just not upload sketches via TCP/IP.

Do you know anything about the NUY shield? They claim compatibility with the Zero, but don't really have any documentation. Seems like Dragino is much more established.

Also -- what happened to the official Yun Shield? Did Arduino stop making it?

Yes it just a software package. Unfortunately I have no information as of yet, and I will be too busy with work for the next 2 months to look into it. I will try at night if I have time. I had lots of help, well he did it for me, Majenko from the ChipKit forum made the Dragino Yun Shield work with the ChipKit family of boards.


@ltheoret: I also ordered and received a NUY shield from 8devices. Thanks for the pointer!

This seems to work well with the Arduino Zero. I interacted with those folks and they claim that this is the actual Arduino shield under a different name.

Too bad that it isn't sold on Amazon like all the Dragino shields. Shipping from Lithuania takes a while (took about 1.5 weeks using their normal shipping mechanism).

My NUY shield come in a week ago and I had half an hour to play with it. Works well with the Zero. Hoever that is all I had time for.