Arduino Zero LED Blink Example

Hi All,

I'm trying to follow the very simple Blink example located here on my Arduino Zero board. After testing the PWM pins with a volt meter they don't seem to be giving off enough output to power the LED. Any ideas?


According to the Arduino web site product page, the Zero board's digital pins are limited to only 7mA each. PWM is available on all digital pins except 2 & 7.

Try using pin 13 which has a built-in LED. Note on the board schematic (see link to schematic on product page), that this built-in LED is not driven directly by the Zero's microcontroller chip, but driven by a transistor switch (N-channel MOSFET).

You cant measure PWM with a meter it will not give you a sensible answer. Pins do not give out power anyway, they produce voltage which in turn causes current to flow. A PWM signal is a 0V to 5V rectangular wave with a variable ratio of time spent at 0V to time spent at 5V.