Arduino Zero Native USB


Quick question-
I intend to use python software (or something) to drive a microcontroller as a DAQ. I’m considering the zero for this purpose.

I understand that the native USB port is detected as a USB device by the computer. Is the data transfer rate still limited in the same way as the serial communication on the Uno?

I’m looking for data transfer rates on the order of 120Mbit/s or 15MB/s which is not possible with the Uno. The documentation for the zero states a direct USB connection to the new chip which is encouraging, and I am hoping to find that I can utilize the full typical USB speed (within reason) with the proper setup.


The SAMD21 datasheet says 12 Mbps maximum. Assuming ideal transfer speeds, it is still 10x too slow.

One full-speed (12Mbps) Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0 interface