Arduino Zero OTA using xBee?

Is there a way or someone have a library / code already built for Arduino Zero to handle OTA updates using xBee wireless modules?


do you mean doing the equivalent of avrdude through the Xbee to flash new code into the bootloader of the Arduino Zero?

Yes !

and what would drive the XBee while you write the program into the M0 - do you have a second microprocessor?

Here is the library on how to do it with an Atmega328

Not aware of this existing (I’m working on an ESP8266 to serve as OTA firmware update of an attached arduino in my spare time - not there yet)

So they are changing the core bootloader to drive the feature. neat!!

Seems that you could have a look to their Optiboot modifications and do something similar to the M0 bootloader and patch / rebuild avrdude to be able to perform Over-The-Air firmware updates

Here is the Arduino Zero with OTA on wifi, Ethernet and AzureIoT

No xbee


Any answer on OTA with Zero?

I did not have a chance to play again with this