Arduino zero show of hands.

I was wandering how many have tried one and do they like.
Good the bad?
I did't know where to put this on the forum but here looked good to me.
And is it not the same as a MO.

I think the SAMD21G18A used on the Zero/M0 Pro is a great microcontroller.


  1. Faster 48MHz, 32-bit processor
  2. 256k Flash, 32k SRAM
  3. 10-bit DAC
  4. 12-bit ADCs
  5. SERCOM (serial communication) modules that can be configured as additional USART, SPI or I2C ports
  6. Lots of internal timers: TCC0, TCC1, TCC2, TC3, TC4 and TC5
  7. Super flexible internal mutliplexing between clock signals, peripherals and IO
  8. DMA transfers
  9. The EDBG chip allows for more advanced debugging (one stepping, trigger points etc…) on Atmel Studio

There’s probably a lot more points that I’ve not mentioned. Just check out the features page on the SAMD21 datasheet.


  1. No EEPROM (available through emulation only)
  2. 7mA current output max. per IO pin
  3. Datasheet is a bit vague in areas and lacks examples
  4. Lack of information on direct register manipulation (should you wish to access them)
  5. Many peripheral registers require clock synchronization (a minor point and anyway Arduino hides you from this)

Overall the advantages massively outweigh disadvantages.

I believe the Arduino Zero and M0 Pro main differences are as follows:

  1. They use a different bootloader
  2. Digital outputs D2 and D4 are reversed
  3. There’s no ATN (GPIO) pin on the M0 Pro

I was just looking at a M0 pro I want the power I guess to use a touch screen and and speech. I'm to lazy to turn on the light's and my soldering iron. So I figure I'd fix that LOL

My Zero is laying on my desk unused. I either switched back to the Uno or mbed, depending on the application.

So far, I’ve had to debug and hack every single attempt I’ve made at the Zero. It’s too much work.