Arduino Zero with Atmel Studio 6 or 7

I'd sure like to use the debug facility and installed Studio 7. When I: New Project Create project from Arduino Sketch Select an Arduino sketch folder Click OK

New window opens: Create C++ project from Arduino Sketch Select the .ino file with the same name as the sketch folder Click on the Board drop-down list Note that Arduino Zero does not appear on the list

At this point the effort is foiled.

Has anyone resolved this?

I am having exactly the same issue. If you download the IDE 1.7.7 from then the board is an option. But since i bought Zero and not M0 Pro i am not sure how the Zero will behave with an IDE that probably does not support it 100%. They created a mess wit that company split.

To use Atmel 7 probably need to buy the M0 Pro from Also noticed that Atmel offers a debugger on but i do not see it on

Will be really messy with future libraries and sketches for the 2 types of new Arm Arduino.

borispavlov: Also noticed that Atmel offers a debugger on but i do not see it on

Could you provide a link? I've not found any debugger on website.

Try changing the chip selected in Atmel studio to the one on the zero board and selct the EDBG for debugger.

I ran a quick test of that in Atmel Studio 7 (version 7.0.594), and it does not seem to do that. I went to "New Project", selected "Create project from Arduino Sketch", and gave it a blink project. It gave me a list of boards, all based on 8-bit chips, so I selected the Arduino/Genuino Uno.

It seems to be stuck on AVR processors and gives no way to change into the SAMD21 family. If I start a project from one of the examples, or I start as a C++ executable then I can get into SAMD21, and paste in some code from my sketch.

I haven't researched whether I can do this and get the Arduino libraries or whether I'm married to ASF, but I'm thinking that "Create project from Arduino Sketch" in this version of Atmel Studio doesn't handle any Arduino Zero and Due boards.

Atmel 7 handles the examples and shows the board options if the IDE is from .org. I did try version 1.7.7 and seems to be loading examples and allows to select SAMD21xxx as a controller. I can not try with a real board because already purchased Zero. IDE 1.7.7 and Atmel 7 without modifications will only handle M0 Pro from .org. Not sure how Atmel in the future will handle 2 different IDEs and example for basically same controller. Messyyyyyyyyyy...

I am having the same problem. I can work with the Zero using Sketch, but not AS7. I don't have an option of selecting the Zero when I import a project. I can select the EDBG tool and even managed to update the bootloader in the Zero from AS7. Just can't compile to that uP. There has to be a way to update the board list. Who do we call on this?


You can use the IDE from .cc by adding the board (or the M0 family in general) by installing the definitions using the board manager which you can find in the board selection menu. However, I didn't manage to get it working yet. You have to install the .cc Bootloader for the Zero. It is available for download but you have to compile it first (which I didn't try yet, maybe there is a ready compiled file available soon :P).

Same goes for the Atmel Studio, just install the ATSAMD21G18A Core using the Device manager (Tools / Device Pack Manager), restart the Studio and you are ready to go!