Arduino Zero with Xbee

I have a LoRaWAN project with an Arduino Zero whoch work fine.
I am recreating my PCB in order to separate the LoRaWAN circuit (the radio) to later plus into my man PCB board.

But, in my mind, it would be great to later plus an xbee module at the same place. As I have no experience with Xbee yet, and I have no time to invest my time for now, I would like to foresee my main PCB to be compaticle with the Xbee module.

If I have an Arduino Zero and an Xbee module, can I wire it with wires and make it working? Or should I an Xbee interface between my Zero and Xbee module. If no, how the Xbee module should be wiered with the Arduino Zero ?

Does the Xbee communicate with the UART (Rx/Tx)?
Would you know some tutorial?

Thanks for your advices

For inspiration look at the Adafruit interface board and omit the level translation circuitry.
Hardware flow control is necessary to avoid corrupting the contents of the UART Tx buffer.

May be this can help Arduino link | XBee Radios | Adafruit Learning System

What kind of range do you need? I tried using xBee on a greenhouse project and although it worked at my house with it's wood and plasterboard construction, the brick walls at my Dad's place were too much for it.

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