Arduino0018 doesnt install

Hello all.

First, A portion of my job got me interested in electronics. Then after research I found the Arduino chip.

I bought the starter kit, so far so good. I've gotten leds flashing, installed the crystal screen with the "hello world" example.

Here are my issues.

  1. Installation, I need to unzip the rar file to open the program, hence, the program is not correctly installed. What could I be doing wrong? I'm running windows 7.

  2. The led programs, I was able to make adjustments to, change pins, ect. However today, any changes are responded with a ding on the computer. No changes posible. I restarted the computer, same. What happened?

This is frusterating. (sp), any help appreciated.

Thank you all.

Fixed the second part. Under preferences the external editor was checked.

First part- My 15 year old son showed me how to install on deaktop. Reckon its right also.