Arduino18 - IDE won't load

Hi Folks.

I've just installed version 18 on a windows 7 machine, but the IDE won't load at all. I get the splash screen and then nothing. It is a Windows 7 64bit install.

I've read the forums and FAQ's and the solution seems to be to remove the java directory (which i've done) and reinstall JRE 32bit.

Unfortunately, this is where i think my problem is because I run Processing on this machine too, and have spent quite a while getting it to work in 64bit mode as some of my sketches use massive amounts of memory. The process involved installing the 64bit JRE.

Can I get Arduino 18 to work with JRE 64bit?

cheers Jim

P.S. my FTDI cable works fine :)

Just as an update to this, V17 seems to work fine, so it's something specific to V18. thanks Jim