ArduinoBLE on Mkr1010, Android keeps on pairing

Im trying to use the BTLE library 'ArduinoBLE' to make a Bluetooth interface.
Using the simple LED example seems to work fine, but my Android Phone keeps pairing with the Mkr1010.

During this pairing process, i'm able to access the Mkr1010 using LightBlue or nRF Connect, but my phone never stops pairing or put the device in the known Bluetooth devices list.
So every time you have to do a scan, and start the pairing process before communicating to the Mkr1010 >:(

I tested a Samsung S7/Android 8.0.0, S5/Android 6.0.1 , S5mini/Android 4.4.2, all the same
Is this an issue of Android, or of the ArduinoBLE libary - Anyone has the same problem ?

digging a bit deeper on this...
BTLE is scanned and contacted direct by Android / Apple Apps, so an App using BTLE wil let you select the device to connect to, dont use the BlueTooth settings and pairing option.
Like in LightBlue or nRF Connect.

I'v been exploring AppInventor from MIT Education , and made a simple interface to connect to the MKR1010 BLE application.

Will post an example BTLE demo soon here.