ArduinoBT and sneaky COM ports


This has been bugging me for days now.

I have an ArduinoBT-V06 with an Atmega168.

After pairing it, ARDUINOBT shows in the devices list. It shows it is connected to port COM5. But the Arduino IDE only gives me the option of COM3 or COM4. COM3, COM4 and COM5 are show in the device manager under LPT & COM ports - Standard serial over Bluetooth link.

I remove the ARDUINOBT from the devices list, and COM4 and COM5 disappear from the device manager. So, I think, COM4 and COM5 are somehow related to the Arduino.

I pair the ARDUINOBT again.

Now it shows it is connected to port COM4. I go to the IDE, and it only gives me the option of COM3 or COM5. It's like the IDE sees the COM port the board is connected to as busy, which wasn't happening a week ago! This thing is definitely pulling my leg...

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Following up on this.

I found the cause of the problem. The sketch loaded in the Arduino was the DigitalSerialRead example. It seemed to clog the serial port. I replaced the delay(1) for a delay(1000) and the problem disappeared.

Now, how would I do to be able to read the port faster than that?