ArduinoBT is not sending anymore


i have problems with an arduinoBT. everything startet like that…

day one) the data i received in hterm, wasn’t that fluid like before…
day two) sometimes i also received weird characters…
day three) i found out that i can trigger werid characters by touching the arduinobt…
day four) i can’t connect via bt, but i’m able to upload programs via ISP
day five) if i upload the bt_init.pde i CAN connect to the arduino again
day six) i can upload other programs if i don’t cycle the power (it seems, that the wt11 can’t save its settings, done by the bt_init.pde)
day seven) i don’t receive anything, but i can send data to the arduino

so it seems that theres a broken wire, so the wt11 cant send any data. but how can i connect to the
arduinoBT if it can’t send any data? is it a (pure) hardwareproblem?

thanks in advance & have a good one,