ArduinoBT multi device question


I recently bought BT shield made by seeedStudio (mounted on arduino Uno) as a master and a BT stand-alone, I wrote the code and successfully made the connection between the master and slave. Then I realize that I cannot have multi-device connection to more than 1 slave, so I bought a ArduinoBT atmega328 Module.

However, the BT syntax seems to be different than the one I used to work with. Therefore can I have some help with sample code to make multi-connections??? or even simpler, to make my ArduinoBT atmega328 to be a master?

Many many thanks!

any1 knows the answer??? please...

Most bluetooth modules can only do single connections, master and slave. If you want multiple connections, you might want to look into Wifi, IR or even RF. I haven't worked any BT modules that are able to connect to multiple slaves, but that doesn't mean they dont exist. There are bluetooth keyboards and mice combos, so there might be some HID BT modules that can buy online, that can do multiple connections.