ArduinoBT Personal Area Networking?

Has anyone used ArduinoBT devices to create a Bluetooth Personal Area Network? I've communicated with a phone and have paired two ArduinoBT devices using Serial Port Profile so they could communicate with one another. Am now looking at possibility of having say 32 ArduinoBT devices all linked together and thought was Personal Area Networking might be best. Do not see support for PAN nor OBEX in the iWrap api.

Thank you!

A regular Arduino: $29.95 A XBee shield: $24.95 And a XBee: $25.95

Total: $60.85

Proven to work. Network-ready out of the box.

Or a ArduinoBT: $149.95

Very few success stories on the forum, and lots and lots of issues.

Hmmm, which should I choose?

Ummm .... but XBee is not Bluetooth. Just in case the TS only need Bluetooth for some obscure reason. (And that obscure reason can be communicating with Phone with Bluetooth support).

But hell yeah, from the way the problem is presented, XBee will be the best solution. An XBee is also better in term of power consumption and power saving feature.

Btw from my recent playing with Arduino BT. I don't see any BT PAN profile listed as one of the service. My first impresion (which can be wrong) is that Arduino BT only provide the Serial Port service.

Just Saying, whatever it worth. :P

but XBee is not Bluetooth.

I know that. I just presented the XBee as a much lower cost/more reliable network. If that network MUST be bluetooth, then nevermind.

Would like to strictly use Bluetooth and PAN. The iWrap document lists several supported Bluetooth interfaces but not PAN specifically.

Thanks again!