[ArduinoBT] print byte to other device

Hey everyone, (nooby alert :roll_eyes:)

I am trying to read and write data to my Nokia N9 through BT, sofar I am able to receive data from mobile, I got an application running where I can already turn on a LED by sending the letter 'H'. However sending data from Arduino to my N9 does'nt work yet, I am able to trigger an event but I will not receive any byte. If I turn on the serial monitor I do recieve a byte after filling in the letter 'H'

I was thinking about it not working, and could it be because: - My N9 runs a RFCOMM on BUAD 9600 and my ArduinoBT is running on 115200?? - Does it not work because I need to connect my N9 to Arduino but also Arduino to N9??? (using call?)

My codes sofar:

int ledPin = 3;
char val;

void setup() {
    Serial.begin(115200);  // initialize the serial communications - 115200

    Serial.println("SET BT NAME IM_NOT_FEELING_BLUE");      // No spaces allowed in the name; names can be up to 256 charcters.
    Serial.println("SET BT AUTH * 12345");              // 12345 == 0 to 16 digit Bluetooth passkey/PIN code

    Serial.println("SET CONTROL BAUD 115200,8n1");
    Serial.println("SET BT PAGEMODE 3 2000 1");
    Serial.println("SET BT ROLE 0 f 7d00");
    Serial.println("SET CONTROL ECHO 0");
    Serial.println("SET CONTROL ESCAPE - 00 1");

    pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
void loop() {
        if(Serial.available() > 0) { // if data is available to read
            val = Serial.read(); // read it and store it in 'val'
            if(val != 'B') {
              if(val == 'H') {
                  digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
              } else {
                  digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);

Any help would be highly welcome :blush: