ArduinoBT - upload fails "not in sync"

HI, I tried the Diecimilla USB card and it works great with arduino 0010.

Then I tried the arduino BT and I can find the "bluetooth serial port on arduinobt" and it is COM5. In the IDE I choose arduinoBT and com5, and I reset the board 0-2secs before pressing upload. Then after 5 minutes it says "...not in sync...protocol error...". It is doing the same error if I dont switch on the powersupply (2 x AA batteries).

My LED is flashing in a loop {1 time slow and 5-10 times fast} all the time.

The "bluetooth serial port..."under "my bluetooth places" disconnects during the process.

What is the problem?

Not sure it's related, but I get this when the serial device is open in another process - for example, if I forget to kill my serial monitor before performing a make upload (or equivalent from the IDE). You might see if you have something else trying to talk to the bluetooth port on the computer or the arduino itself.

it seems the arduino 0010 program is not even trying to coonnect to the bt serial port. If I show the "connection status" window while using the IDE, I can see that the serial monitor connects and sends bytes when I type something. Then I switch it off the serial monitor and it disconnects. Then I press upload and wait and wait and wait, and it never connects and sends anything. What preference have I not selected to make it connect and send something.