ArduinoBT upload troubleshooting

Hi, I bought an Arduino BT, but I could upload nothing. The bluetooth monitor shows a connection with ArduinoBT until the first 8 byte are uploaded then the connection failed. The message I get from Arduino 0016 is:

Binary sketch size: 2146 bytes (of a 14336 byte maximum)

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

(I also have a arduino 10000 and all the schetch works fine on it;) for BT I set 115200 baudRate and the ArduinoBTBoard I disable also daemontools and disactivate the firewall the Com port used is com15 both for Arduino16 and the bluetooth serial port

Thank you so much for your help!