on Raspberry Pi 4

I am trying to run the program on a Raspberry Pi 4 (Ubuntu Desktop). I am not sure if this is possible?

Following the Arduino instructions I downloaded the program and double clicked the executable. This produces the following zero byte text file: 0S@@�x%@8 (invalid encoding)

I then tried to run the executable as follows:

sudo ./
[sudo] password for david:
./ 1: ELF: not found
./ 5: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

Is the root cause of my problem trying to use the Raspberry pi 4 or is there some configuration step that I am missing. Thanks in advance for your help.


x64 is for 64-bit x86 processors, the Raspberry Pi has an ARM CPU. You need an ARM
AArch64 version of the program.

Edit: see How to compile on Raspberry Pi · arduino/arduino-create-agent Wiki · GitHub

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Hi Pieter,

Thank you for identifying the root cause of my problem. I have followed the instructions that you provided and the installation of the Arduino agent for my raspberry Pi is complete.

You have saved me a lot of frustration so thanks.

Thank you.

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