ArduiNode - A visual way to write Arduino - Beta is now live

Hello everyone!

Lately, I’ve been working on an unreal engine blueprint like system to write Arduino code, and am finally coming to something.

What is it?
ArduiNode is a system allowing the creation of code by connecting nodes together, and outputing some Arduino code. Here’s what a blink program would look like using it :

You can also simply check out the example sketches on the app itself, here.

How can I use it?
The first beta has just been released, you can check it out here.
<!>Please note that, to delete something, you need to alt-click it.

This is an open source project, with still lot of work ahead. Therefore, any kind of help is welcommed. If you’d like to help, just take a look here.

This system is / will be, I belive, a great way to share comprehensive code around, since the node system is often more explicit than plain code.

If you have any questions / suggestions, I’d be pleased to read them and answer to it.

You can take a look at the source code on the github page

Superb endeavour, wish you good luck. and thank you for the great idea.

thanks for the support!

The project went forward quite a bit since the last beta. I've just updated the online version to the second beta, which now includes default node values, better UI, and the possibility to add nodes already connected to one another by dragging the connector.

I believe it's now possible to do basic projects with the actual system. I'll post some examples either here on another system soon.

EDIT : I burned the alim of an arduino due to a badly plugged resistor, I'll double check the cicuitery before trying it next time (it was a project I already made so I wanted to do it quick... :confused: )

Once again, I'll be happy to read about any suggestions, important missing features or issues either here or on the github page.

Hello Etienne,
I've readden with attention your interesting software development.
I have developped almost the same idea but with another node concept.
Instead of having concurrency, I propose to gather our intelligency to make our both platform cooperative.
Maybe we can find a way to make them usable together.
My software unfortunately is a commercial one. I have no job, no choice.

The concept is to use nodes for any kind of computer language. For example, coding for arduino
or java or python or 3ds Max script or Blue print or anything else. It doesn't matter.
There is a textual help for each node to be able to use fastly and easily.
Moreover, a wysiwyg GUI generator is provided.
It is very powerfull and has a lot of potential in coding a project and I think with your
specialized software, we could make a great tool for arduino.

Look at my website here:

It seems you're french, me also.


Hey G,

thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay, I had a busy weekend. You're indeed right, I'm french. You can contact me by mail at

Indeed, it appears we're creating simillar content, and it could be interesting to have compatibility or something of some kind, even thougb i can't tell how compatible it would be considering the open-source vs commercial.

I believe the best solution would be to continue this discussion by mail :wink:

See ya,