ArduinoDroid and TimeAlarms

G’day folks!

I’ve developed an irrigation timer from no experience but alot of reading (from forums like this!) but I have finally come across a problem my brain can’t get around.

Because my irrigation timer is away from my computer I’d like to use ArduinoDroid on my Samsung Galaxy S8 to update it.

The only library that wasn’t installed by default was TimeAlarms. Easy enough to install, its on the list within the app. Press install and there it is.

I cannot get the program to compile, it cannot file the header file. I have checked the folder name and the header name, both are identical to what is called for. The folder is in the libraries folder with everything else. It doesn’t even compile the TimeAlarms example sketch.

Can someone please install TimeAlarms on their ArduinoDroid and see if it works?
I can post my sketch, but as I say, the TimeAlarms example doesn’t work and that is already out there.

Any thoughts would be fantastic!

My recommendation for this use case is to make or buy a standalone programmer:
and use that to upload the file generated by compiling the code on a real computer using the real Arduino IDE. The easiest way to get that compiled file is:

  • Sketch > Export Compiled Binary
  • Wait for the compilation process to finish
  • Sketch > Show Sketch Folder.

You will find two files in the sketch folder. One is named {sketch name}.ino.{board name}.hex. The other is {sketch name}.ino.with_bootloader.{board name}.hex. The latter will allow you to still upload to your board over USB from the Arduino IDE as normal after uploading the USB programmer. The former will overwrite your bootloader and so you will no longer be able to do uploads over USB until after you do a Tools > Burn Bootloader on your board (or upload the with_bootloader .hex file).

I think you will always run into this sort of problem with ArduinoDroid.

If you do want help with ArduinoDroid then I recommend that you post the exact and complete error message you encounter and also a link to where you downloaded (when on your computer) TimeAlarms from (or if you installed it via Library Manager, then say so).