ArduinoDroid & UNO, cannot upload sketch/detect device

Hello all! Recently I have taken up trying to give some Arduino apps on Google PLay a try on my Nexus 7. One among them is ArduinoDroid which is touted as being able to program your Arduino boards via your smartphone & tablet. With this in mind I went out and bought a cable that gives the Android device USB Host OTG connection. However after programming a sketch and compiling I cannot get it to recognise my board and upload the sketch. Has anyone had any experience with this application and/or cable? (linked below) If so, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also if there is something I can do on the Android side of things to get this working that would be great too!



Hi. I’ve released version 2.0 with avrdude support. Probably it help to solve uploading issue.
Otherwise follow troubleshooting guide: