Has someone any knowledge regarding oploading sketches with a samsung s5. A simple sketch like "blink" works fine but as soon i use librarys i receive errors on uploading. Also compiling gives me errors. But despite the errors my led is blinking??

Regards Frank

You didn't think it would make sense to post the actual errors you got? I don't know how anyone would be able to help with the zero details about what libraries cause the issue or what errors you see. You really didn't give anyone much to work with here.

But despite the errors my led is blinking??

Well, you did successfully upload the blink sketch, and you have not been able to upload anything to replace it, so why would you expect anything different? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Did the extra ? add anything?

Right... more info... hope someone has a clue on what is going on!?

Right... more info...

Still hung up on way too much punctuation, I see.

Posting pictures of text is a waste of time. There is NO more information in that picture.

It's sad, making huge commercials about Arduino and stating that it is very easy to use, while you can bump into one problem after the other, with little or no help and nobody knows what is going on! I abandoned uploading sketches with librarys using my Samsung S5 as it is simply not working (for me).
Used my laptop windows 7 but also here i had to install another usb port driver to be able to upload something! But first compiling gave me somekind of Java error. Upgrading to the latest Java version solved it... and hooray my first sketch with library is running. Hope to enjoy my my further journey in the Arduinoworld more pleasant.