ArduinoEclipse: unresolved inclusions

Hi all,

I want to use Eclipse for developing Arduino Sketches. I installed the Arduino Eclipse V3 package, created a new Sketch and copied the content from an existing Sketch into it, that I wrote in the Arduino IDE.

The Sketch uses the RF24 library from here:

In the Arduino IDE my sketch is compiling without issues, when I compile it in Eclipse I get "Unresolved Inclusion" errors.

My observations: The RF24 library does not only support Arduino boards. There are many classes for RPi and other boards, too. When I try to compile my project and the RF24 library, Eclipse compiles also the classes for the other boards. One RPi helper class includes for example the time.h and sys/time.h file, that I don't have on my (Win7) system and I get the "No such file or directory" error.

I assume, that the Arduino IDE only compiles the needed classes and ignores the classes for other environments, whereas Eclipse try to compile all of the code.

Is there somebody with an idea, how to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance, Lars

Hi, my name is Shahaf Edri, new to the Eclipse invironment, and handling the arduino invironment for quite some time now.

I am having the same problem. as I am building a project and the RF24 module must be included.

answer would be much apprichiated

Thank You. S.E.


I had utilities for other compinents other then ATTiny. I deleted them one by one by common sense (following the ERRORS of the eclipse), and evventually it worked!

good day :)