ArduinoEthernet <--> Windows XP : driver not found

Hi I am a beginner,
I do not get the driver installation done.
ArduinoEthernet <–> Windows XP
Arduino USB- Serial

In the DeviceManager I get to the point,
where you can browse for the directory,
where the driver is supposed to be.
Then I enter the directory

After that, the DeviceManager searches,
however, no driver is found.
The dir
Arduino Leonardo.inf
Arduino MEGA 2560 REV3.inf
Arduino MEGA 2560.inf
Arduino Mega ADK REV3.inf
Arduino Mega ADK.inf
Arduino Micro.inf
Arduino UNO REV3.inf
Arduino UNO.inf
and the Subdirectory:
FTDI USB Drivers

Any Help is welcome

The 'Arduino Ethernet' board does not have an USB port.

You need an adapter. Usually these come with drivers.

Thank you for the remark.

I am using the ArduinoEthernet board from the Fritzing Starter Kit. Attached to the board is a USB interface. The USB cable came with it. I plugged it into my Windows XP and ended up in the situation "driver not found" as described above.

Does anyone have an idea of where to start looking for these drivers? Or, alternatively, how to connect this board with Windows XP?


Well... find out what usb adapter cable you have and you're done. And of course that information should be available in the manual / on the website where you got this stuff.

As an alternative you can look at the device manager and try to find out the vendor/product ID of the unknown usb device and put that into google.

Thanks, this was most helpful. Information on the USB-Serial connection I found on:

And finally the missing file Arduino USBSerial.inf

to download from:


Whoops, those should be included in the Arduino software download. I'll add them for the next release. Sorry about that!