ArduinoIDE - Serial Monitor Issue

Hello World!

I'm absolutely new to C; Arduino and this pretty new field of engagement!

Recently I try to use an Arduino2560 ( under Win 7 64 Bit) with an external stepperdriver for to build a kind of actuator.

My problem - as I'd like to debug using the serial monitor I tried to establish communication, but see

nothing on the screen / in the Monitor. It seems that the communication creates whitespace in size of the string I'd like to send ( the monitor scrolls and if marked the inverted bar stepwise grows by the amount of signs I'd like to send,

but I don't see any.... even if the sent value is set to constant and even if I'd just like to apply the testing code example!

Hope you can give me a hint!

Thanks in advance !


Check that your serial settings in serial begin are the same as those in the serial monitor and also check that the serial monitor is opening the correct serial port.

Have you tried a external application serial monitor, there are a few freeware and shareware versions. Several have auto-baud detect (remember the serial monitor is not always at same baud as programming port). I use Cool Term to test serial port issues.

Share us your code. As other says check whether u choosen proper board or not.