ArduinoISP not displayed in Programmer list

Hi All, I'm not new to messing about with the Arduino, and bought a shiny, new ArduinoISP shield to put the bootloader onto some ATMega328P chips.

However, despite following all the instructions that accompany ArduinoISP shield on the Arduino Website, I can't see "ArduinoISP" in the list of programmers of the IDE. I tried all the others (on the offchance), to no avail. Do I have to manually insert it into the programmers.txt of the IDE.

I have the latest Arduino IDE installed (1.06), and the recommended drivers for the ArduinoISP. One thing to note it that in my device manager, the ArduinoISP is listed under "libusb-win32 devices".

I'm hoping I'm being a bit dim, as I can't find any other reference to this issue online.

Thanks in advance


The "Arduino as ISP" should show up in the programmers.txt file in your Arduino installation. Perhaps you should re-install Arduino 1.0.6.

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply.

The “Arduino as ISP” is indeed listed, but this doesn’t work, getting the sync “ubiquitous avrdude: stk500_getsync()…” error. I have previously used an Arduino as a bootloader programmer before, and used this option, but I didn’t think it qualified in this case.

I was expecting the IDE to show “ArduinoISP” as a programmer as shown in

which also lists “Arduino as ISP”, but this isn’t selected in the example.

IDE 1.06 has been reinstalled a couple of times, with no difference.

Still hoping it’s something simple…

ArduinoISP should be in programmers.txt. If so it will listed in IDE menu.

There is some naming confusion.

“Arduino ISP” is hardware:

“ArduinoISP” is a sketch: File->Examples->ArduinoISP

Which are you using?

I don’t see “Arduino ISP” in the programmers.txt file of Arduino 1.0.6 so it is either in a different version (perhaps 1.5.8 BETA?) or it gets added as part of some install process.

I have the latest Arduino IDE installed (1.06)

It looks like you need 1.5.x to get the ArduinoISP "programmer" entry. (What a confusing choice of name! "Wiring", "Processing", "ArduinoISP" different from "Arduino as ISP"... Grr.)

It might work to take the "Arduino ISP" part of the 1.5.8 programmers.txt file and put it in hardware/Arduino_ISP/programmers.txt under your sketches folder.

The relevant section is: arduinoisp.protocol=arduinoisp arduinoisp.program.tool=avrdude arduinoisp.program.extra_params=

This name conflicts with the "Arduino as ISP" section of the 1.0.6 programmers.txt file. It may be necessary to use a different name like: arduino_isp.protocol=arduinoisp arduino_isp.program.tool=avrdude arduino_isp.program.extra_params=

Installing 1.5.8 BETA did the trick.

Many thanks to everyone for your help.

(Maybe the ArduinoISP instructions should really mention this).