ArduinoLowPower and RTCZero

I need to use RTCZero to create a daily alarm based on RTC time and I need to use ArduinoLowPower lib to create a short sleep of 10 seconds in loop.
Why do not work ?

#include <RTCZero.h>
#include "ArduinoLowPower.h"

RTCZero rtcZero;

const byte rtcZero_seconds = 0;
const byte rtcZero_minutes = 22;
const byte rtcZero_hours = 14;
const byte rtcZero_day = 15;
const byte rtcZero_month = 3;
const byte rtcZero_year = 21;

void setup() {

  rtcZero.begin(); // initialize RTC 24H format
  rtcZero.setTime(rtcZero_hours, rtcZero_minutes, rtcZero_seconds);
  rtcZero.setDate(rtcZero_day, rtcZero_month, rtcZero_year);
  rtcZero.setAlarmTime(14, 22, 30);


void alarmMatch()
  Serial.println("Alarm Match!");

void loop() {


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