ArduinoMEGA as standalone surveillance camera


For some time now, I've been reading about creating a standalone surveillance camera with an Arduino but it always goes down to ? not enough processing power ? not enough memory ? etc.

Now that the MEGA has been released, I would like to know if one of you experts (because I'm not even close to newbie) has any idea if the following can be achieved.

The idea is to have a Arduino Board, Micro Camera (it can be low res) and a SD card. All fin in a box with battery so that video recording can be made directly to the SD card.

This would be phase 1, then phase 2 would be to had some motion sensor so that it's not recording at all times, but that would be the easy part.

So, any ideas if this can be achieved with the new MEGA setup?

Thank you

Buy a low power computer so it doesn't eat much juice, install a linux operating system on it and software that does the job (I use motion) and hook it up to a USB camara. An arduino is altogether too puny to process video information - even a Mega.

The Mega doesn't have any more processing power than any of the older 328 equipped boards. It just has more memory. Still not enough horsepower for video compression. Check out the Gumstix ( or Netburners ( for something a bit more suited to the application.