Arduinomega +ethernet shield2 + Own amazon NTP server

Currently i am working on ethernet shield 2 with arduino megaADK and i am try to configure NTP server to get timestamp and for this purpose i configure my own ntp server on amzon cloud but i did not get any respnse from the server . i try with simple example udpntp client and insert my amzon ntp IP address with local udp port 8888 and destination udp port 123. Please help me for the right code for personal ntp server on amzon cloud. Thanks

The Ethernet shield 2 uses a W5500 IC. You must download and import another ethernet library to use it.

i already have correct ethernet library ,but few days ago i worked with public NTP server and due to lot of overload on public NTP server i create my own ntp server on amazon cloud but now i am not able to get response from that dedicated NTP server

I use a RPi for an NTP server on my localnet, and it works fine.

OK nice But in my case i want to use ntp server as a time stamp of my sensor data . If you help me please suggust me what can i do ?


If you help me please suggust me what can i do ?

Write the code properly.

If that is beyond your capabilities, you should have seen the fact that you need to POST YOUR CODE when you read the stickies at the top of the forum.