After buying this ArduinoMini and its related MiniUSB from the ITP store attached to NYU sometime ago, (little over a year, it was bought on 2/18/2010.) I decided to try it out.

I followed the instructions here: .

It states that the Reset lines need to be set accordingly, in this case, it says “Reset. Whenever this pin is connected to ground, the Arduino Mini resets. You can wire it to a pushbutton, or connect it to +5V to prevent the Arduino Mini from resetting (except when it loses power). If you leave the reset pin unconnected, the Arduino Mini will reset randomly.”

It does not state that there are two of them, the reset lines. It only says that they need to be connected to the +5 line. Now would it be appropriate for myself to update the page, or should the creator, one David A. Mellis, do so?

After doing so incidentally the device responded exactly as did my regular one, a Dueilanove, respond. The chosen sketch incidentally was the classic LED one.

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