Arduinon Leonardo not showing on COM port

I bought an Arduino Leonardo today, to use it for a PC Wheel DIY project. I connected the board to pc and it was apearing in COM ports, at COM3
Then i used MMJOY2 to update firmware but that didn’t work, it was reseting at about 97%. The problem is that now Arduino is only showing in Devices and Printers as MMJ-reset

Later i found out that i have to use Arduino IDE to put the joystick library, but now i can’t because in the Arduine IDE, the port setting is greyed out.

What do I have to do now to reverse what I did?

Do I have to use another Arduino to Burn the bootloader on the leonardo?

does it briefly appear as a COM port when you press the reset button?

If i double press, it enters in bootloader mode, and i can see it on port4.

I get the connecting something on USB sound from windows everytime.

In the MMJOY2, to update the firmware I had to put leonardo in bootloader mode, and then press the update firmware button.