Arduinoo CAR Machine

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You'll need motor driver boards too - the Uno can't provide enough power.

Although from the description, it's not clear whether you actually need to build this thing or just design it.

Even so, I would expect that you're going to have to wire a lot of those parts up so you can test the code - hard to write something that works without some way to check it.

To that point, how will whoever set you this assignment verify the code?

I guess whoever gave you this assignment has never ACTUALLY controlled the speed of a DC motor with a variable resistor. Such a resistor is called a rheostat and depending on the current needed by the motor, could be quite large, having to dissipate several hundred watts of power. So a large servo would be necessary to turn each variable resistor. And those servos are not included in your parts kit.

Since you were given the parts why not share and post links to the technical details of each. Other then the UNO everything is just a guess. Physical parameters enter into the design in a big way. Also let us know what power sources are available. Generate a block diagram with all the parts shown. A schematic, not a frizzy drawing showing all interconnections and post that should then be done when all the parts are known. This sounds like a school project not a real world problem although it could be. If it is just a model it gets to be a lot easier but you still need to pick the parts. Use MOSFET H bridges they will give you the least greaf.

Any experience/knowledge in this area?

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