Arduinoo send digital data through telephone line


First, sorry to my poor english.
Well, this is my first post and my question is the next:

Is possible create a project in Arduino (Tx) capable that send digital data from PC to other module (Rx) through telephone line?

Thanks a lot

You can buy old phone modems, and connect to those with a serial RS-232 converter.
Search for example on Ebay for : 56k modem serial
Or check the garage sales in you area.

I have several old US Robotics 56K modems if you're interested in a pair.

Remember that a 56k modem can only send 56k to an ISDN (64k digital) phone line. If you connect two V.90/92 (56k) modems on analog lines they will likely top out at V.34 speeds (28.8k or 33.6k).

I never had ISDN (too far from the switching station) and we would see 53K data rates.
Faster not achievable due to limits on how much energy could be inputted into the phone lines, something like that. Has been a long time since I cared about that.