Arduino's Fritzing diagrams

I notice that the diagrams are drawn with Fritzing but I have also noticed that Arduino use a few components that are not in the core components. Looking at this diagram:

The ceramic capacity with 3 pin range and the crystal are not standard as far as I can see.

Any chance of letting us all have them :slight_smile:

I have both of those parts in my standard install of Fritzing:

In the part selector tool:

  1. Click on the folder icon
  2. Select Open
  3. Select "All User Parts"

You may need to search for "Cap"

I have found the crystal but the only ceramic caps are the blue ones that span 2 pins not the flat ceramic discs. The blue ones don't have the low values I want either ie 4.7pF etc.....

Which version of the software are you using?


Also, if you are not clicked on the "All My Parts" tab, you may not see the additional caps (and other things.)

Arrr found them now, wonder why they were hidden away.