Arduino's Limitations

Hi, I've a little bit big project
Could i use arduino to control industrial robot arm with big servo or stepper motors ? and what
about it's processing capability in this case ?

You can most likely do that. Arduinos need drivers for all kinds of motors and the drivers are selected according to the needs of the motors.
The response time on any Arduino is most likely good enough provided the code is above newbie level.

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Thank you for your reply
which arduino type has higher processing capability for such work?

Does it have to be an Arduino or do you just mean a board that can be programmed using the Arduino IDE, which is not the same thing at all

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The size of the motors being driven has nothing really to do with the processing power required. It's more than likely that even the most basic Arduino setup could do what you need... really depends on what you need to do.

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it hasn't to be arduino but i prefer to be so,
do you have another recommendation

Your requirements are vague so must be our answers.

even if i will work with multiple motors?

actually a don't have such details but i need a general intuition about arduino's ability

Sure.. obviously it depends how many "multiple" is, but the controllers have multiple IO pins that can control peripheral devices.

Any special math, calculations, needed?

ok, you could say that the question is : is it possible to use arduino instead of PLC for example to control an industrial robot arm used in welding works
and if it is not : what do you recommend to do such works

we will need inverse kinematics and some robotics mostly : but we will use matlab for it any way , is it a problem?

number of pins could be actually a problem could you recommend a solution?

An advanced project like that needs to be well specified in every respect. You specs are absent. You need to get working on that, what performance do You want, spelled in numbers for all moving parts. Else You go for a toy build.

Agree. No one can say whether the capability will be adequate without first understanding exactly what you need to do. Without clear requirements you are doomed to fail.

What kind of pins and how many do You need?

That's exactly why I'm ask my question i need to know if it's possible to use Arduino in industrial field or not ,but unfortunately I'm in preparation step and didn't get details

Nobody knows that. You need to put together that information.
A new guy entered a meeting talking like You. He was mentally sent out horizontally and got his approach turned down.

I got it , i'll get details first
what do you recommend of arduino wasn't appropriate