Arduino's odd parity?

So, found a nice, cheap 16x4 (via two separate screens) serial LCD display whilst roaming about the MIT flea today. Granted, I have next to no idea what I'm doing with it, but I'd done all Lady Ada's Arduino tutorials minus the LCD one so I though I'd give this a try.

All seems to be working, except this thing's default baud rate setting is 4800, 8 o 1. I know the Arduino's default is 8 n 1 and I'm wondering:

Is there any way to change the Arduino to 8 o 1?

I gather it could require modifying the bootloader, which I have 0 experience with, but I'll take any hints, suggestions or ideas anyone's got. My only other option is a dubious hardware mod on the display, which may be more worthwhile to attempt, but I'd appreciate any help I can get before going that route.

Thanks a lot!!


I can't speak for the Arduino side, but you might look at the display and see if there are jumpers that set the baud and parity.
Even if these are unmarked, you can often get something to display even if the parity does not match. Then you can use trial and error.

Odd parity is common on displays that are used in Point of Sale, but they usually have have jumpers or a mouse piano to configure them.

Thanks so much for your response, Bro. That's the dubious hardware solution I'm reserving for Plan B. Setting the board to 8-n-1 requires removing solder from a location that may or may not exist. There's really only one place it could be - I think - it's just not labeled on the CB as it's referred to in the instructions.

Anyway, if I don't get any suggestions - vis-a-vis Arduino mods - after a couple of days, I'm gonna give that a try.

Hope it's a sunny Sunday for ya.


Out of curiosity, did you ever get this to work? I actually have the exact same LCD, bought from the MIT Flea.