Arduino's official CLI with Arduino Due?


I was using Arduino's official CLI (Arduino/manpage.adoc at ide-1.5.x · arduino/Arduino · GitHub) to upload sketchs to an arduino Mega using

 arduino --board arduino:avr:mega:cpu=atmega2560 --port COM1 --upload "sketch.ino"

everything was working fine!
However, I had to recently change to an arduino due and i cant seem to find the necessary documentation to use the same syntax with this board! Can someone please lend me a hand?


I compile with this --board option:

--board arduino:sam:arduino_due_x

These values tend to change regularly, you can look them up in the boards.txt file.

Thanks, it is upload the sketch! :smiley:

Also i managed to find the boards.txt that contains the names of the boards.

Thanks for the help :wink: