Arduino's SoftwareSerial.h and compatibility with raspberry pi. Please read!

Hello,i m trying to make a gps project.In the tutorials i 've watched,the ''SoftwareSerial.h" library/header is included.The problem is that i m using rapsberry pi.So i want to know the exact purpose of this "SoftwareSerial.h" and how i can use it on the raspberry. By the way,i can compile and run arduino code in my raspberry using the ArduPi.h library from

The SoftwareSerial code is very specific written for the Arduino.

If you are not sure of what you are doing it's not a good idea to focus on a particular item (software serial in this case).

Describe what your whole project is trying to do and we will be able to give you advice. What is the Arduino going to do and what is the Raspberry Pi going to do?

For example, if all you want to do is send data between a Pi and an Arduino there is probably no need to use software serial.