ArduinoTERM - my custom design...

Hi all,
Here is my custom designed Arduino board called "ArduinoTERM"
This is basically integrated Arduino and Screw shield on one board, with additional LCD header and 10k trim pot. Fully compatible with Arduino shields as shown on one photo, but it makes a difference since I have design it for DIN rail/wall/desk mount housing.
I would like to hear your honest opinions about.
Thank you in advance

Additional photos with board in housing, top and transparent cover. Transparent cover can be used for LCD

Looks great.

This is the Arduino of my dream :slight_smile: Perfectly suited for home automation. Good work!

I have posted this board for sale on eBay if somebody is interested.
Price of this board is 37$ so all comments to price level are welcome.
Not sure if this is allowed to post links to products for sale. Please let me know

Brings to mind an earlier design of mine, dubbed Digituino,
designed to Drive higher voltage (12V) Common Anode 7-Segment Displays, using TPIC6B595 shiftout registers (150mA per IO, up to 50V), with RS232, SD card socket, ATMega328P
Didn't bother with shield compatibility with shift registers, RS232 adapter, and SD card socket and 3.3V buffer built onto the card.
Pretty hefty feel with all the connectors.
Bare boards available if any one is intersted. The SD socket is SMD, with pretty widely spaced pins that are easy to solder.