ArduinoUNO Based 4-digit Temperature Meter (Complete Project)

This posting contains Circuit diagram (Response #2) , Control Program Flow Chart (Response #4), and program to convert ArduinoUNO Learning Kit into a 4-Digit Temperature Meter. It has used HMS-20G type Temperature Sensor with the following two point responses:
A(0.93V, 27.50 degC), B(0.84V, 25.80 degC) as per data sheets of HMS-20G
BINT (10^6*BCDT) = 16875h * VHT + 978510h ; derived by the author based on the given points

TMeterWorking.ino (7.39 KB)

You really need to attach a circuit diagram and show what type of sensor its designed for.

Please find the attached file for the Circuit Diagram and the HMS-20G type Temperature Sensor.

CircuitDiagramTempMeter.doc (645 KB)


The attached file contains Flow Chart for the Control Program of ArduinoUNO based Temperature Meter.

TMCPFlw.doc (499 KB)